The faroese horse; Faroe Islands; Felagið Føroysk Ross
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Formaur: Maria Bjrk.
undir Kongavara 27 4vm
160 Argir
telefon. 21 10 40

Limagjaldi er 200,- kr. rliga.

Felagi hevur kontu Bank Nordik 6460: 47 39 045

The Faroese Horse: Føroyska Rossið

The Faroese Horse is called an iconic image of the Faroe Islands.
DNA studies of the Faroese Horse performed at the university of Uppsala, Sweden suggest that the horse has been isolated in the Faroe Islands for possibly as many as 1200 years, and should therefor be concidered a unique breed.

In the old faroese community the horse was used to riding and to carry or haul heavy loads on the farms. And when it wasn't used, it was released onto the mountains where it roamed free.
Today it is mostly used as a riding and rearing.

The colors of the horse are mainly brown, chestnut and black. It is known to be very hardy, friendly, adaptable and surefooted horse.
The size of the horse can vary widely, normaly the height is between 11.1 to 12.1 hands (45 to 49 inches, 114 to 124 cm).
Because of its height it technically can be caled a pony, but because of its strength people in the Faroe Islands typical use the word horse.
But it can be related to the Exmoor and Dartmoor ponies in Britain.

Because of the extensive exporting of horses from the Faroe Islands for mining use in the United Kingdom, there were approximately only 5 - 6 horses left on the islands in 1960.

With huge efforts, the number has now increased to about 73 horses and the aim is to maintain and develop it further.
To day the Faroese Horse is only to be seen on the Faroe Islands and therefore are little known in other countries.

Faroe Islands map

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The faroese horse; Faroe Islands; Felagið Føroysk Ross